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PharmaForce 2016 Attendee List

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2015 Attendee List

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Reports & Studies

Updating Engagment Strategies for a Changing Healthcare Market

With the importance of each decision maker engagement increased as a result of consolidated buying power in the healthcare market, getting the right shareable assets to support new opportunities is a critical part of a successful sales and marketing dynamic. In this report, produced with elandas, you'll discover three surprising integrations that can support a stronger approach to engagement while minimizing turnaround time. Read the latest on:

-Overcoming information gaps to better enable sales
-The impact of integrated healthcare networks on strategy
-Producing custom assets to support new opportunities

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2015 U.S. Trends in Aggregate Spend, Disclosure and Transparency

In this year’s survey, which includes responses from 47 manufacturers, IMS Health aims to understand the details around their aggregate spend reporting solution, how they get their data in their system, how they have adapted to specific Sunshine challenges, as well as what they are doing to prepare for the trend toward global transparency.

Health Literacy, Medication Adherence and Pharmacist Interventions - Position Paper

Pharmacist Partners’ paper explains the root causes, and illustrates how personalized Pharmacist interventions (preferably face-to-face) leave a deep and lasting impression on the patients, which naturally leads to increased adherence.

Scattered throughout the paper are comments by our Pharmacists and Advisors. Dr. John, our Chief Clinical Officer shares his insights into Cultural Competency--What it means and how it can help to enhance health and medication adherence among patients, and employees.

It is clear that mobile apps cannot accomplish improved medication adherence on their own. The Introduction to Part 2 (page 22), written by our Talent Management VP explains why, using an adult education model developed in the 1950's, which remains the industry standard to this day.

Orchestrated Customer Engagement

Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) describes the next generation of sales, marketing and technology for life sciences. OCE seamlessly marshals the sequence, context, and purpose of messages to multiple influencing stakeholders, in an effort to improve engagement with customers through multiple channels.

Event Takeaways & Highlights

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PharmaForce 2014 Agenda

Why Attend PharmaForce?

  • Value: 3 Days, 50 sessions, 40 Pharma Speakers, 50 actionable strategic takeaways
  • Most Senior Conference in The Industry: 95% of speakers are at Director level or above. Hear from the people making real decisions
  • The Most In-Depth Content, Put Together In Conjunction With An Expert Industry Advisory Board: Addressed by the leading pioneers in the industry due to 9 months of research, organization & planning
  • Concurrent Tracks For Multi Channel Marketing & Sales Force Effectiveness: Focus on your role within operations, as well as where sales and marketing collide for overall success


2014 Event Highlights

PharmaForce is made by the community, for the pharma community. This means a 2:1 Pharma/Vendor ratio and 50% marketing, 50% sales from the biggest names in the industry, giving you access to a full representation of the industry's commerical leaders.

Senior-level pharmaceutical sales and marketing executives come together to learn, network, and formulate strategy - find out for yourself why you'll want to join them!

Using Innovation And Navigating Regulation To Enhance Customer Engagement: The 2015 Director's Report

This report uses proprietary benchmark data and analysis to break down the most pertinent challenges facing pharma sales and marketing professionals in 2015, and includes a special agenda preview showcasing how they will be addressed at this year's conference.

-Manage rollouts of new mass market and specialty drugs using the latest in sales and multichannel marketing techniques
-Develop a world class branding campaign and access the right target audiences
-Use data as the architect of a more comprehensive and insightful strategy

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Four Drivers of Business Intelligence

Despite the persistent challenges, effective BI has become a strategic imperative for life sciences manufacturers. Companies are now navigating a dynamic and complex landscape—with significant opportunities for agile BI solutions to address key changes and pressing questions.

In this whitepaper, IMS Health shares four fundamental steps that drive BI success:
 - The ability to align business and information management strategy
 - Improving information management systems integration and workflow
 - Engineering BI systems to derive more value and insights from data
 - Making the most of new cloud computing technologies and (SaaS) models for delivery.

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Reports & Studies

Healthcare CRM

In this exclusive presentation from PharmaForce, Joe
Caminiti, VP, Sales and Marketing Effectiveness for
Cephalon examines innovations in incentive
compensation as it relates to sales force effectiveness.

Caminiti also looks into healthcare CRM and best
practices for measuring customer engagement and how
a few changes can net your company some very big

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Pharma CRM

In this exclusive presentation from PharmaForce, Liz Cermak, Chief Commercial Officer for Pozen, discusses the future of pharma CRM systems and marketing.

Cermak examines how Pozen is dealing with seismic changes in the sales rep model and explains how they've adapted to the changing attitudes of prescribers by implementing 21st century sales procedures.

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Whitepaper: 2015 Pharma Sales and Marketing Priorities

The landscape of healthcare is always evolving. This whitepaper raises questions about pharmaceutical sales and marketing priorities in this shifting landscape.

This report covers:
 - Brand and marketing strategies
 - Industry perception of healthcare reform
 - Regional marketing and sales strategies

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Pharmaceutical Compliance

In this exclusive presentation from PharmaForce, John Patrick Oroho, Principal at Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C., discusses the changing pharmaceutical compliance landscape in the era of the Affordable Care Act and other new spend and disclosure laws.

Oroho details the new federal disclosure law, the Comprehensive Compliance Program Law in California, the new Compliance program in Connecticut as well as other new laws in the District of Columbia, Nevada, Massachusetts and Vermont and how they will affect allowable disclosure of expenditures and gifts.

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Healthcare Sales

In this exclusive presentation from PharmaForce, Joe Caminiti, VP, Sales and Marketing Effectiveness for Cephalon examines innovations in incentive compensation as it relates to healthcare sales force effectiveness.

Caminiti also looks into compensation practices and best practices for measuring customer engagement and how a few changes can net your company some very big wins.

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Challenges to the Specialty Business Model

In this exclusive whitepaper, Trinity Partners discusses how biopharmaceutical drug discovery companies have progressively tailored their pipelines to specialty therapeutic areas and smaller patient populations, driven by several factors: better understanding of underlying disease biology leading to significant gains in efficacy,; innovation in technologies; faster development and regulatory timelines in high unmet need populations; uncertainty around genetic competition entering legacy markets; and significant pricing power.

However, the specialty business model has lately shown signs of strain and outright constraints in continued scalability.

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EarthColor Whitepaper

In this exclusive whitepaper, EarthColor discusses the Benefits of Automating Manufacturing for Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Marketing is undergoing major changes. Inbound marketing and the transition to an online world is forcing marketers to redesign their approach. Automated marketing platforms are being used to create higher quality, lower cost marketing results to respond to a fast pace instant gratification society. The demand for drugs provided by the pharmaceutical industry is extensive.

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PharmaForce Whitepaper - Making Data More Actionable

New Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices Making customer data actionable

Today's always-on customers seek more than mere transactions with brand marketers; they seek seamless, on-demand experiences. And delivering those experiences requires new data management and marketing tools./

It's a whole new world for healthcare. Old business models and traditional incumbents are being challenged by new players, and the balance of power among payers, providers, HCPs, and consumers is rapidly shifting.

Download our whitepaper and learn how today's healthcare marketers can leverage digital channels using first and third-party consumer data to deliver more relevant messaging to patients, caregivers, physicians and other influencers.

Flipping the Model

Making Marketing Move Further, Faster in a New Technology Era

This white paper outlines the journey from traditional push marketing to informed, actionable marketing by examining current challenges, root causes, and the action needed to make the leap. As Life Sciences companies look to differentiate in an increasingly competitive market, a new technology landscape is emerging. Brand teams need more robust marketing technology to support evolving needs—technology that can enable execution of marketing campaigns to deliver optimal customer messaging via multiple communication channels. Life Sciences marketers can implement real relationship marketing by enabling a change of focus from data integration to that of taking action and optimizing, and the key is to leverage the new technology to flip the traditional model. 

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Mobile Micromarketing

Driving Performance from Strategy through Execution

Sweeping challenges in the healthcare business landscape have been well-documented and exhaustively discussed. Many marketers have reacted by investing across multiple channels, shifting focus and innovation away from the sales force. While the use of non-personal channels is on the rise, the sales channel remains a significant lever for influencing customer behavior. Ultimately, both personal and non-personal approaches are critical to improving brand performance. In fact, all marketing and sales efforts should be customer-focused and aligned from strategy through execution.
This white paper raises questions about today’s sales strategies, sales force capabilities and the required integration of sales and marketing:
∙ Does the sales channel have the skills, tools, information and support necessary for aligned, customer-focused
∙ Is the sales channel leveraging the latest in advanced analytics and mobile technologies?

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